Printed copies: 3,000, online >450, estimated readership 8-9,000 and growing.

Claire and Ceri would like to thank all our advertisers who have booked space in the Exmoor News.

Because the colour magazines were so popular we have decided to keep colour for all issues. If you are interested in booking space with a colour option or for back cover or inside covers please do get in touch – email is preferred.


Costs for colour ads are £25 for quarter page colour (£18.50 black and white),

Costs for colour ads are £50 for half page colour (£37 black and white),

£100 for full page colour and £120 for back page colour if available.

For inside cover pages in colour, half page £55

Classified ads: text only advertisements with a maximum of 40 words, 4 issues at £10 per issue or 6 issues discounted to £50.

Please note there is a charge for artwork – please ask for details.

Deadlines for Advertisers click here


RATE CARD From May 2021
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Word document version:

PDF version:
Advertiser-Booking-Form 190521

Word document version:
Advertiser-Booking-Form 190521

Media Pack
exmoor news media pack 2021

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What is bleed

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Editors: Ceri Keene and Claire Savill
Mobile: 07497 914441

Thank you.

Quick Reminder Note: if your advertisement has dates in it or is specifically for a certain part of the year and you book, say 6 issues, please send appropriate artwork and/or resend new artwork as required.