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Digital Services

Making social media work well can be a challenge: it’s a minefield of hashtags, tags, @ signs, channels, insights, and jargon, not to mention algorithms and rankings. What’s more, making sure that your social media accounts are doing what they should involves monitoring and frequent updating. All this can take up far too much of your time… But that’s where our new Social Media Marketing service, run by the Exmoor News team, can make a difference – by working closely with our clients to launch a highly effective social media presence or manage existing accounts to ensure successful results.

What’s best for you? We’re full of ideas and will work with you to identify the customers or businesses who are most likely to want or need what you have to offer, and then plan how best to reach them through social media. Not only that, we’ll monitor your social media strategy or campaign to see to see how well it’s working, and fine tune it accordingly for constant peak performance.

To find out more about what we – and social media – can do for you, or simply for an informal chat, just contact us on